Rock, Paper, Folk: In The Schools

Nerissa and Katryna had the privilege of matriculating at the Potomac School in the wake of the renowned singer/song collector/Revels-creator John Langstaff who had once taught at the school and continued to visit for assemblies. Jack would come down from Cambridge and get the entire school singing folk songs. Nerissa & Katryna’s father, John Nields had a similar privilege in the 1950s when the blacklisted Pete Seeger would come to sing at his school. So the Nields know the power of bringing song to schoolchildren, and wish very much to pay back this debt. To this end, they have visited many schools in the course of their career (The Maret School, Foxcroft, Madeira, Potomac, Crocker Farms, South Deerfield Elementary, The Hill School, St. Anne’s, Proctor, many many others) and continue to do so. They bring tailored programs to the school based on the age range and the desires of the institution. As authors (they have published three books, between them), they create presentations around their books.

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